Freshly served between 07h00 and 10h30

Even if you are not staying at the hotel, you are welcome to join us for breakfast in our cozy restaurant. We offer a sumptuous breakfast served daily between 07:00 and 10:30.

Here are your options: 

  • Full buffet breakfast                                             R80.00  

  • Continental breakfast                                          R60.00

  • English breakfast  (2 eggs, bacon, tomato,            R45.00
    mushrooms, 2 pieces of toast, coffee or tea)

  • Croissant                                                           R15.00

  • Muffin                                                               R12.00

  • Filter coffee                                                        R14.00

  • Cappuccino                                                       R19.00

  • Espresso                                                            R17.00

  • Double espresso                                                 R19.00

  • Latte                                                                  R19.00

  • Hot chocolate                                                     R20.00

  • Tea                                                                   R15.00

  • Fresh juices(Orange, apple or fruit cocktail)           R15.00

Dinner Experience

Seating from 18h00 - 20h00 and 20h00 - 22h00 every day

Keeping up with the Italian theme, we have partnered with The Cousins Trattoria Italian Restaurant to make your dining experience memorable and delicious. 

Please follow the link below to view their menu.

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